Trolling fishing

To be or not to be a fisherman, in this immense sea of secrets waiting for us.

Trolling fishing

Half a day 1 people

Half a day 2 people

Full day 1 people

Full day 2 people (2 people max)


The troll fishing is indicated for catching predatory fish, but it is customary in trolling fisgarmos a fish of another species, eg beaked that is close by and feel the vibrations, attack the fish that is caught by drawing in half. Sometimes when the fish is larger comes to the boat's edge with the fish caught in the jaws. This fishing can be captured fish that can easily reach 10 kg.
The prices shown are for the charter rental which includes everything for 2 participants. Each additional passenger will be charged 50€ up to 5 participants.

Duration: 3 hours 30m - half day or 7 hours - full day
Minimum number of participants: 1 participant ( discount for groups available by prior appointment.)
Difficulty: easy

Includes: Travel, insurance of participants, follow up with skipper and crew, images and video recording of the trip, needed for fishing equipment (each participant can bring your material)

We recommend: Personal protective equipment, warm and waterproof clothing and some minimum provisions as ex. water.