Stalking, hooked ... in a fierce fight fisherman and fish wage a clean battle between the adrenaline and the dream of obtaining a trophy.


Half a day - 3h30m

Full day -7h


Internationally known as "jigging" or "vertical jigging", it has long been practiced in recreational fishing especially with certain species. Using this technique we can catch groupers, snappers, tuna or even beautiful golden.
The prices shown are for the charter rental which includes everything for 2 participants. Each additional passenger will be charged 50€ up to 5 participants.

Duration: 3 hours - half day or 6 hours - full day
Minimum number of participants: 1 participant
Difficulty: medium

Includes: Travel, insurance of participants, follow up with skipper and crew, images and video recording of the trip, needed for fishing equipment (each participant can bring your material)

We recommend: Personal protective equipment, warm and waterproof clothing and some minimum provisions as ex. water.